Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.4 (2013)

Research paper

Experimental studies on ground vibration from explosions in subsurface magazines
Tei Saburi, Shiro Kubota, Katsumi Katoh, and Yuji Ogata


The ground shock vibration caused by an accidental explosion in a subsurface magazine was experimentally evaluated. The subsurface magazine was designed and proposed to meet the requirement of reducing the quantity-distance criterion. A subsurface magazine is constructed in the ground to mitigate the explosive hazard, and the exit from the storage chamber is a vertical elevator. Although the construction of the magazine in the ground is expected to reduce the effects of the airblast induced by an accidental explosion, the effect of the ground shock resulting from the explosion energy directly imparted to the ground becomes important. Two types of scale-model magazine equipped with a vertical transport shaft were designed and constructed underground, and scaled internal explosion tests using Composition C4 explosive were conducted while varying the chamber loading density. The effects of explosions from the subsurface magazines on the ground vibrations were measured and analyzed. The results of the study are expected to provide a basis for establishing design criteria for subsurface magazines.

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explosions, ground vibration, subsurface magazine

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