Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.3 (2013)

Research paper

Non-ideal behaviour of ammonium nitrate based high-energetic materials in small diameter steel tube
Shiro Kubota, Tei Saburi, Yuji Ogata, and Atsumi Miyake


The size effect curve for non-ideal behavior is the relationship between the detonation velocity and the inverse radius of the cylindrical charge. In this paper we discuss the size effect curves obtained by a steel tube test for an ammonium nitrate (AN)-based explosive. The results for AN and mixtures of AN and activated carbon (AC) are examined. The composition of AN/AC and the charge diameter are varied from 0.1 to 20wt% and from 5.7 to 65.9mm, respectively, and their effect on the detonation velocity is investigated using curved-front theory. The size effect curve for pure AN has a point of inflection, and the curve can be expressed as two straight lines. Finally, the size effect curves for AN/AC mixtures are constructed and formulated for almost the entire experimental region.

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detonation velocity, non-ideal detonation, steel tube test, curved-front theory, size effect

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