Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.74, No.1 (2013)

Research paper

Blast design for explosive demolition of a large-scale concrete foundation
Hoon Park, Hyeong-Ki Park, Jin-Hee Ko, and Chul-Gi Suk


With the deterioration and functional loss of structures, there is an increasing demand for demolition and various demolition technologies have been developed. In case of large-scale concrete, application of some mechanical demolition techniques is limited because of the structural characteristics, and explosive demolition or explosive demolition combined with mechanical demolition is applied recently due to the effect to the surrounding environment by the ground vibration.
In this study, we compared peak particle velocity (PPV) of ground vibration depending on average fragment size (Dav) in case of explosive demolition design for large-scale concrete foundation using the relation among specific charge (Sc), charge constant (K), and transmitting medium constant (n) as well as the relation between average concrete fragment size (Dav) and specific charge (Sc).

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concrete foundation, explosive demolition, fragmentation, ground vibration.

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