Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.6 (2004)

Review of Some Newly Synthesized High Energetic Materials
S.Thangaduraia, K. P. S. Kartha, D. R. Sharma, and S. K. Shukla


Towards the end of the last millennium many new high energetic materials were developed. These materials may replace the presently used explosives, sooner or later. In this review, the authors try to explore some of these materials viz., polynitropolycyclic cage explosives, cyclic nitramines, cage explosives, nitro derivatized heterocyclic compounds, nickel hydrazine nitrate (NHN) complex, nitrocubanes, hafnium explosives, heat-resistant explosives, new insensitive high explosives and some other novel high energetic materials. There is a need for the development of analytical methods for identification of these materials and their post explosion residues as these are likely to be encountered in crimes.

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