Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.6 (2004)

Research paper

Detonation behaviour of ANFO in resin tubes
Hiroyuki Arai, Yuji Ogata, Yuji Wada, Atsumi Miyake, Woo-Jin Jung, Jun Nakamura, and Terushige Ogawa


Since the detonation properties of ANFO depend on confinement, this study investigates the detonation properties of ANFO with weak confinement tubes. In PMMA tubes, the detonation velocities of ANFO increased with an increase in wall thickness. The detonation velocity differed in four types of resins (PMMA, PVC, PC, and PP), and was related to the dynamic properties of the tube material. These confinement effects could well depend on the long reaction zone of ANFO and be influenced by the rarefaction wave from the outer and inner wall of the resin tubes. The detonation of ANFO using the PE and glass tubes failed and it was found from high-speed photography observations that the detonation behaviour was influenced by the properties of tube materials.

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