Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.6 (2004)

Research paper

Study of hypervelocity impact testing using a shaped charge (II) (*in Japanese)
Hitoshi Miyoshi, Makoto Hikiji, Seishiro Kibe, Susumu Toda, Tetsuya Yamamoato, Mitsuru Kobayashi, Asao Kunoh, and Tetsuyuki Hiroe


The technique of forming a high velocity projectile at over 10 km sec-1 from a shaped charge jet was applied to produce a projectile at about 7 km sec-1. The velocity was easily obtained by using conventional launchers, e.g. a two stage light gas gun. The result of this study is to be effectively used to evaluate the penetration performance of the two types of the projectiles that have the same approximate velocity. The type of explosive used was changed to TNT from octol. The liner angle was 40 degree, the liner thickness 4.2 mm, and the height of cone part of the inhibitor was 13.4 mm with a hole diameter for the inhibitor at 20.0 mm. The resulting projectile had the velocity of 7.5 km sec-1 and the mass of 1.4 gram.

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