Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.5 (2004)

Research paper

Experimental simulation of large-scale explosion using a micro-charge explosion (I)
- Behavior of shock waves in a complicated closed-space - (*in Japanese)
Toshiharu Mizukaki, Akihiko Miura, and Kazuyoshi Takayama


In order to establish safe, inexpensive, and effective laboratory experimental technique for simulating the behavior of shock waves generated by large-scale explosion, an experimental investigation of shock waves propagation created by the explosion of a micro-charge, Silver-azide with 10-mg of mass, inside the 50th-scaled model with complicated closed-cell structure is reported. Comparing the relationship between overpressure and scaled-distance by the micro-charge with by TNT, we have evaluated that the scaled-law is also established for the micro-charge explosion as same as for large-scale explosion. The TNT equivalence ratio for the micro-charge has been estimated to be 0.31. Visualization of shock waves propagation inside the model have been carried out using double-exposure holographic interferometry equipped with a pair of 1-m-diameter parabolic mirror. Both overpressure measurements over walls inside the model and visualization results indicate that overpressure inside closed-space values more than 10 times as large as at open-space. The fact that muti-refrection of shock waves inside the model gives high-frequent overload to the structure has been shown.

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