Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.5 (2004)ガス爆発特集号(2)

Research paper -ガス爆発特集号(2)-

Application of flame jet ignition to pulse detonation engine (*in Japanese)
Hiroyuki Sato, Yasuhiro Kenmoku, Hidetoshi Shimada and A. Koich Hayashi


In this study, an ignition method called flame jet ignition (FJI) is applied to pulse detonation engine (PDE) for shortening DDT (deflagration to detonation transition) time and increasing specific impulse while keeping lean burn. FJI, where ignition is initiated in a cavity, is known to have effects on increasing combustion speed and combustion efficiency in internal combustion engines. For the single-cycle experiment where a premixed gas is used, DDT time is reduced in a stoichiometric mixture from 3.2 ms to 1.2 ms by using FJI comparing with CSI. Specific impulse is increased by 15 % in lean mixtures as FJI is used. Multi-cycle tests are performed at the operational frequency less than 16Hz to find that FJI has an effect on reducing DDT time on multi-cycle operation.

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