Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.4 (2004)ガス爆発特集号(1)

Research paper

Development of real scale LP gas leakage-combustion evaluation system (*in Japanese)
Kunihiko Takahasi, Takayuki Tomizuka, Katsuhiro Nagano, Hirofumi Takakuwa, Shigeo Takei, Mitsuo Koshi, Ritsu Dobashi, Fuyume Yamaga, and Mitsuo Namba


It is essential to understand gas leakage/combustion phenomena precisely in order to find out the rational security measures of LP gas. These phenomena can not be clarified for all conditions by experimental approach, because the phenomena are complicated and depend on various physical and chemical factors. Thereupon, the practical total evaluation system was developed, in which the series of phenomena including leakage, dispersion, combustion, structure strength and fragment scattering of real scale were analyzed on the basis of recent development of the computer and computational science. The appropriateness of the analyzing method was examined by comparing the results of the simulation with those of the real scale experiments.

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