Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.3 (2004)


Control methods of rock blasting (*in japanese)
Nagao Miyamura, Iwao Yamane, Jiro Obara, and Yuji Ogata


Explosives have shared a large part for development and maintenance of our society. The works that consumed explosives for destroying rocks and constructions are called blasting. Main purpose of the traditional way of blasting is that blasting works get the most out of energy of explosives and burst a large amount rocks efficiently. However, the environment around blasting work sites changes with the times, and the phenomena like vibration, noise, fly rocks and falling by blasting operations became objects of public concern. So, main purpose of blasting became eco-friendly such as controlled blasting and release blasting. Theses blasting methods are not analyzed sufficiently yet. If the chemical energy of explosives becomes to be controlled freely by us, control methods will promote more effective use of explosives, and will develop bigger market of blasting. In this paper, control blasting has been discussed from points of view of using different kinds of explosives and different charge methods, and good results obtained by the field test are described.

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