Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.65, No.2 (2004)発破特集号

Research paper

Where does the explosive energy in rock blasting rounds go?
Ouchterlony Finn, Nyberg Ulf, Olsson Mats, Bergqvist Ingvar, Granlund Lars, and Grind Henrik


The energy partitioning of limestone production blasts has been measured under well controlled conditions; from rock properties determination, structural mapping and monitoring of drilling and charging, to VOD, 3D accelerometer and bench face movement measurements during the blast to post-blast fragment size measurements. The efficiency of the transfer of energy from the charges to the surrounding rock has been estimated by introducing a new explosives test, the cylinder expansion test, which is discussed to be-gin with.

Hereby in-hole losses, seismic energy, kinetic energy of throw and fragmentation energy have been calculated. For the AN doped gassed bulk emulsion used in the quarry, it is estimated that 60-70 % of the explosive energy is transmitted to the rock, that the seismic and kinetic energy terms both amount to roughly 3-12 % and the fragmentation energy to less than 1-2 %. One candidate for the remaining losses, which are larger than the other three terms together, is the crushing of the blast-hole region. A rough estimate for the energy partitioning in bench blasting rounds is finally given.

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