Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.5 (2002)

Research paper

Detonation velocity and pressure of the non-ideal explosive ANFO
Atsumi Miyake, Keiya Takahara, Terushige Ogawa, Yuji Ogata, and Hiroyuki Arai


In order to obtain a better understanding of the non - ideal detonation characteristics of ANFO explosive (ammonium nitrate and fuel oil mixture), detonation velocity and pressure were measured in steel tubes simultaneously with ionization probes and piezo - resistive manganin gauges. Observed detonation velocity and peak pressure were compared with the theoretically predicted values obtained by the thermohydrodynamic CHEETAH code. Experimentally observed detonation parameters were determined as 60 to 72 % of the calculated detonation velocity and 42 to 58 % of the calculated detonation pressure. Furthermore the fraction reacted at the detonation front was estimated as 57 to 73 % of the calculated values for the ideal detonation.

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Non - ideal detonation, Detonation velocity, Detonation pressure, ANFO, CHEETAH code.

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