Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.5 (2002)

Research paper

Prediction of C-J state for high explosive based on the initial density dependence of detonation velocity
Kunihito Nagayama and Shiro Kubota


This paper presents a simpler method to predict the C - J state of high explosive based only on the initial density dependence of detonation velocity. To predictC - J pressure by this method, for example, we need the slope of the detonation velocity as a function of initial density.
   We first define a succession of C - J states on a pressure - volume - energy state surface. Available data set of the initial density dependence of the detonation velocity gives a collection of Rayleigh lines. The C - J state curve can be approximated by an envelope function of Rayleigh lines. This envelope function can be given by a simple mathematical function. Present approximation gaves an exccelent description of the C - J state curve especially on p - v plane. Since the detonation velocity is a sensitive function of initial density, and the measurements can be made very accurately. this method may serve a handy and relatively easier method to estimate the C - J state for high explosive. The physical meanings of the approximation is discussed in thermodynamic terms, which revealed that it is the approximation that the Grüneisen parameter is set to zero.

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