Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.4 (2002)

Research paper

Development, production and characterization of LOVA gun propellants
W. Karthaus, A. C. Hordijk, C. A. van Driel, and C. Schoolderman


In developing gun propellants a number of aspects are ofimportance. Apart from the performance improvement, higher specific impulse and a lower flame temperature, requirements for safe production, storage and storage lifetime can be mentioned.
At TNO - PML gun propellant compositions have been developed and investigated over the years. A number of compositions have been evaluated for their energy content and ballistic performance. A selected number have been produced on a small scale and tested. Some compositions have been produced with a twin screwe extruder and underwent full scale testing.
The paper describes process modelling and processing safety aspects of laboratory scale processing. Furthermore the internal ballistic and performance characterisation and safety properties of the LOVA propellants that are under development will be presented.
The paper ends with a summary of future developments at TNO - PML with respect to gun propellants and concluding remarks.

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