Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.4 (2002)

Research paper

The influence of aluminum particle sizes on detonation of the aluminized explosives
Changgen Feng, Lang Chen, and Xinping Long


For investigating the influences of the size of aluminum particles on the detonation perfornances of aluminized explosives, the metal plate acceleration tests and the cylinder tests were carried out with the aluminized explosives having aluminum particles in differerent size respectively. The free - surface velocities of the metal plates and the wall velocities of the cylinder were measured by a VISAR interferometer. The parameters of JWL equation of state for the detonation products for aluminized explosives were determined based on the experimental results of the cylinder tests. The two - dimensional numerical simulations of the acceleration tests were conducted. The ignition and growth reactive flow model of explosive detonation was used. By comparing the experimental and computational results, the parameters of the reaction rate equations of aIuminized explosives were determined. The fraction reacted of aluminized explosives are given. The reaction conditions of the aluminum particles in different size are analyzed. The results show that the aluminum particles in small size react faster in the detonation than that of the large size aluminum particles.

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aluminized explosives, detonation, non - ideal detonation, numerical simulation.

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