Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.3 (2002)

Research paper

Detonation velocities of single and double base propellants
Ken Okada, Tomoharu Matsumura, Yoshio Nakayama, Hisashi Iguchi, Masamichi Ishiguchi, Toshihiko Uchikawa, Tetsuya Sawada, Kazushige Kato, Akihiko Yamamoto, and Masatake Yoshida


The detonation velocity of single base and double base propellants is investigated using two types of ignititor ; an exploding bridgewire detonator with C4, and a fuse head with black powder. In the former case, steady - state detonation is achieved and measured, while in the latter case, deflagration - to - detonation transition (DDT) behavior is observed. The detonation velocities of three single base and five double - base propellants are measured, and density correction is applied using KHT and CHEETAH computational code to account for the difficulty in ensuring a constant charge density in the experiments. The diameter effect for single and double base propellants is also determined with respect to the detonation velocity. The calculated detonation velocities at infinite charge diameter are 3624m•s-1 for single base (351) propellants and 4134 m•s for double - base (SS) propellants, and the calculated results are shown to be highly consistent with the experimental findings.

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single base propellants, double base propellants, detonation velocity, smokeless powder,
diameter effect.

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