Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.3 (2002)

Research paper

Field-blasting tests of high-performance ANFO(*in Japanese)
Hideaki Sugihara, Hiroyuki Taniguchi, Katsumi Noguchi, Atsuo Inoue, and Toshio Matsuzawa


ANFO is the most useful industrial explosive in mining and quarries.The main reasons are its lower cost and easier mixing compared with other explosives. Furthermore, ANFO has good characteristics in handling such that it can be filled in some bags and flexible contaainers containing and be suited for bulk loading with pneumatic loading equipment.
Recently, several field - blasting tests of high - performance ANFO〔ANFO(H)〕have been carried out. ANFO(H) has the improved detonation properties and the rather low bulk density compared with conventional ANFO. the results of these field - blasting tests showed that ANFO(H) cuold make the specific charge decrease without affecting the fragmentation, the displacement of the blasted rock and the breakage in the toe. Furthermore, the field - blasting tests of more improved high - performance ANFO〔ANFO(SH)〕have been conducted. The results indicated that ANFO(SH) wuold be available for field use.

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