Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.3 (2002)

Research paper

The reaction of ammonium nitrate with carbon powder (*in Japanese)
Hidetsugu Nakamura, Kohzi Saeki, Miyako Akiyoshi, and Katsuhiko Takahashi


Effect of species of carbon on the thermal and combustion reaction of ammonium nitrate-carbon or ammonium nitrate-light oil-carbon mixtures was investigated by evaluation of surface properties of carbon, thermal analysis and combustion experiments. The results obtained are as follows.
Themal analysis of ammonium nitrate, ammomium nitrate-carbon mixtures and ammonium nitrate- light oil-carbon mixtures were affected by sample weight, kind of container, atmospheric pressure, heating rate, et al. If experiments were carried out under pressurized condition or sealed sample container was used, the results were very different becaause of suppression of sublimation, evaporation and dissociation of ammonium nitrate. Especially, a intense exothermic reaction was observed in the case of the reaction of ammonium nitrate-carbon mixtures or ammonium nitrate-light oil-carbon mixtures. These reactions were significantly affected by the surface properties of carbon such as specific surface area and even a small amount of active carbon addition of 1 wt% caused intense exothermic reaction.

Ammnium nitrate itself didn't sustain combustion, but its mixture with carbon was combustible. This combustion reaction was a also depended on the activity or carbon, and the higher the specific surface area, the larger catalytic reactivity. The surface activity of carbon corresponded well with that of aqueous hydrogen peroxide decomposition.

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