Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.1 (2002)


A study on the active species of nitration by N2O5(*in Japanese)
Tomohiro Hamano, Fujiroku Yoshizawa, Yuji Wada, Junichi Tsuchiya, Yoshiaki Akutsu, Mitsu Arai, and Masamitsu Tamura


The detection of the active species of nitration by N205 has been conducted. ESR spin trapping techniqu using PBN(α-phenyl-N-tert-butyl nitrone) was employed to detect NO3 radical. PBNOx(benzoyl tert-butyl nitroxide) and PBNOO(peroxyl mdical adduct)have been detected in tetrachloromethne or dichloromethane-N205 solution. In the toluene-N205 solution, radical adduct coming from the reaction between toluene and NO3 was also detected in course of nitration. In N205 solution of polar solvent, acetonitrile and nitromethane, no radical peak appeared. NO3 radical will work as an active species in the nitration by N205 in nonpolar solutions.

The electric conductivity of N205 solution has been messured to prove the existence of NO2+. It has hardly changed for tetrachloromethane or dichloromethane solution with or without N205. 0n the other hand, for acetonitrile and nitromethane, the conductance has increased by the addition of N205. In the polar solvents, NO2+ might exist and work as an active species in the nitration by N205.

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