Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.1 (2002)

Research paper

Fundamental study of near infrared illuminating compositions(*in Japanese)
Kazuo Hasue, Makoto Matsukawa, and Hiroki Matsubayashi


In this paper, the fundamental studies of near infrared illuminating compositions which emit near infrared radiation to improve the visibility of night vision goggles used in recent night combats.

Cesium nitrate was selected as a main near infrares radiation emitting agent because cesium emits chracteristic emission spectrum in near infrared region. Pellets were made with altered compositions for improving the near infrared radiant intensity and burning behavior. Even the spectrum of less burnable compositions were obtained by using continuous wave CO2 laser.

Teflon worked better than Viton on the near infrared radiation emission of cesium. As for metal hydrides which were added to improve the burnig behavior, the composition which contained 4 wt% of titanium hydride gave good performance for the near infrared radiation emission and the burning behavior. Adding copper powder helped to improve the burning behavior of the mixture but it made the near infrared radiation emission smaller than that of the mixture without copper powder. Increasing the concentration of cesium nitrate improved the burning behavior and the near infrared radiation emission.

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