Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.1 (2002)

Research paper-シミュレーション特集号(2)-

Numerical simulation of high pressure generated by the detonation of two explosives system (*in Japanese)
Yuichi Nakamura, Kenji Murata, Yukio Kato, and Shigeru Itoh


AC-J detonation pressure generated by a steady detonation of explosive is the characteristic value of an explosive. It is often shortage of generated pressure to some of metal processing.
In this study, we take notice a two combined explosive system that the lower velocity explosive is enrolled by the higher velocity explosive tube. The performance of this system has been investigated by numerical simulation. And the following results were obtained.
(1)The detonation of the lower velocity explosive is increased by the effect of the high velocity explosive. Its final velocity is higher than the C-J detonation velocity.
(2)Mach reflection of detonation wave occurred in the lower velocity explosive, it was clear that the higher pressure over the C-J detonation pressure of the used explosive happened behind the Mach disk.
(3)Although the detonation pressure of lower velocity explosive increases as the density of the low detonation velocity explosive, a peak of its maximum pressure exists at a certain density. The maximum pressure converges on the C-J detonation pressure of the high detonation velocity explosive as density is approached at a higher velocity explosive after the peak.

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