Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.63, No.1 (2002)

Research paper-シミュレーション特集号(2)-

Numerical simulation on 1 dim. shock initiation of high explosive (*in Japanese)
Shiro Kubota, Hideki Shimada, Kikuo Matsui, and Kunihito Nagayama


One dimensional shock imitiation experiments are reproduced by numerical similation. The loci of shock wave in explosive obtained by numerical simulation are used to estimate the Hugoniot for high explosive with the same procedure for the experiment. As a result, Hugoniot obtained by this simula tion well agrees with the experimental data. Moreover, concept of single curve buildup is investigated numerically. The results indicate that when the shock front is remarkably affected by a reaction wave before the shock front, the locus of the shock front in the high explosive does not pass unique line.

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