Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.6 (2001)

Research paper

Measurement of damaged area in permanent high rock slopes
Hirofumi Matsunaga, Nobuteru Kira, Yoshiaki Yamazoe, Masahiko Yamazoe,
and Atsuo Hirata


This paper presents the results of research concerning investigation of the effects of the presplitting and damaged area of permanent high rock slopes in limestone miming, There have been few reports on the results of investigations to evaluate the effects of presplitting. Thus we have not only investigated the extent of the damage in permanent high rock slopes using the VSP system but have also conducted an investigation into the effects pf presplitting carried out experimentally. As result, it was confirmed that there are large differences (3.0 - 10.0 m) in the damaged area of the permanent high rock slope depending on the site conditions. The damaged area caused by presplitting was not recognized in this measurement.

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