Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.6 (2001)

Research paper

Numerical study on the TNT equivalence for blast waves(*in Japanese)
Katsumi Tanaka, Akifumi Takahashi, and Kazuaki Tokuhashi


Blast wave properties were studied numerically by using both revised Kihara - Hikita(KHT) and Jones - Wilkins - Lee(JWL) equation of states for detonation products of TNT to estimate the TNT equivalence for given source term. One and two dimensional numerical calculations were performed for various equations of states of air which were perfect gas with adiabatic exponent y = 1.4, ideal gas using JANAF thermodynamic data and imperfect gas assuming KHT for TNT. Numerical results by KHT were favorably compared with self similar solution by Sakurai's point source theory and Kingery's large scale experiment. Field experiments by MITI, however, showed 30 % lower relesae energy than that calculated by KHT. Differences between KHT and measurements suggest lower release energy in relatively smaller charges in TNT blast. Height of burst and explosive charge configuration give only a small change of overpressure. This study suggests that relatively small explosive charge gives incomplete reaction. Two dimensional computation shows turbulent mixing near the explosion source such as Richtmeyer - Meshkov instability leading to complete reaction of TNT detonation products after initiation for larger scale experiments.

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