Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.5 (2001)

Research paper

Thermal decomposition of multiple-based nitramine propellants
Xinrui Li, Baochang Zhao, Li LI, Dong Yang, and Lude Lu


As a multiple - based propellant, nitramine's decomposition attributes to those of components, but not to their simple plus. Three typical prescriptions of multiple - based propellant, which are RNG(containing mitroguanidine, NGu), RHN(containing hexanirostilbene, HNS) and RNO (nano - oxides added), are tested. Here Ozawa method is used to deal with the data gained from thernogravimetry(TG) and to analyze its thermal decomposition mechanism and activation energies. As a result, it is evident that nitramine decomposition mainly undergo two stages. Compared to RNG whose mechanism functions are F1(random nucleation) and D3(three - dimensional diffusion) for each stage, RHN maintains the same mechanism function, but exhibits lower activation energies. While it is rather peculiar that nano - oxides in RNO can not only lower activation energies, but also change the mechanism function which become R2(interface reaction) and D1(two - dimensional diffusion) respectively. It shows that nano - oxides has a certain effect to catalyze the thermal decomposition and combustion of nitramine significantly.

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nitramine propellant, thermal decomposition, nano - oxides.

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