Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.4 (2001)

Research paper

Development of a recovery system for extremely high pressure compaction of materials using explosively driven imploding shocks and the active momentum trap(*in Japanese)
Takayuki Abe, Masatake Yoshida, Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Kazuhito Fujiwara,
and Hideo Matsuo


The authors have developed a cylindrical imploding shock generator, which produces auper high pressure of Tera Pascal region in solids by focusing one - dimensional cylindrical shocks on the basis of preliminary experimental results. In this study, surface initiation of the PBX(plastic bnded explosive) explosive shell begins at the collision of a cylindrical thin flyer driven by the detonation of low - density PETN(pentaerythritol tetranitrate) shell, which is initiated by the explosion of a etched cpper mesh using a high voltage impulsive current. Observed imploding shocks are focuusing in PMMA cylinders inside the PBX shell with a fairly good axisymmetry. The comparison with numerical simulation has suggested that the C - J pressure is almost achieved in the PBX in this study.
The authors have constructed a recovery system for extremely high pressure compaction of material applying the imploding shock generator. In this system, the explosion of liquid explosive NM (nitromethane) is newly installed outside the sample material to weaken the influence of the explosion waves, which is called AMT(active momentum trap). In the experiment using the AMT system, the model blocks have been recovered successfully. The experimental results and the additional numerical study suggest that the developed AMT is effective for recovery and this total system has a possibility to compress materials up to Tera Pascal region without fracture.

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