Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.4 (2001)

Research paper

Thermal behavior of various metal complex nitrates (IV)
- Ni complex nitrates -
Miyako Akiyoshi, Hidetsugu Nakamura, and Yasutake Hara


As a new gas generant, the thermal behavior of the Ni complex nitrates of carbohydrazide and aminoguanidine (hereafter, NiCDH and NiAG, respectively) was investigated when mixed with Sr(NO3)2 of the oxidizing agent.
The thermal stability of NiAG was higher than that of NiCDH based on the results in DTA. In both complexes, there was a slight differerence in the heat of combustion and the burning temperature in a tube at the stoichiometric composition with Sr(NO3)2. However, for the burning rate in a tube, the NiCDH system was two times as fast as the NiAG system. The burning rate for the NiAG system was almost equal to one for the MgCDH system7) when the CDH was cordinated to Mg. A non - stoichiometric NiO (Ni2+1-×Ni3+O) produced during the decomposition of the Ni complex was assumed to be the catalyst in the oxidation - reduction reaction during the combustion.
For the evolved gases, N2 and CO2 account for about 99 percent of all evolved gases in both complex mixtures. In the NiAG system, the evolution amount of HCN gas was very slight (10-1mol / mol - complex), and the amount of CO gas was also slight (10-2mol / mol - complex).

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