Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.3 (2001)

Research paper

An application of a nozzleless rocket motor to a low-frequency oscillatory combustion analyzer(*in Japanese)
Masafumi Tanaka and Kazunori Nakaji


Through combustion tests, an applicability of the nozzleless rocket motor was scrutinized to an elucidation of oscinatory combustion characteristics of propellants in a low - frequency range. The proposed method, based on a parametric study in comparison between the theoretical predictions and the experinental results, supplied reasonable respponse functions in some extents. However, it was also shown that the response function obtained was not consistent with the combustion conditions. The pressure - coupled response functions were successfully determined thtough a growth rate measurement of the oscillation with the L* - burner technique. The validity of the method was ascertained in nozzleless rocket motor.

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