Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.3 (2001)

Research paper

A theoretical analysis of low-frequency oscillatory combustion in a nozzleless rocket motor(*in Japanese)
Masafumi Tanaka and Kazunori Nakaji


A self - excited low - frequency oscillatory combustion was analyzed theoretically, which occurred during the pressure decay in a nozzleless rocket motor. Based on the L* oscillation theory in which a stability of a closed - loop model of a pressure - coupled response function of a propellant burning rate and a time delay factor of a motor mass conservation was examined, critical conditions of the oscillation were clarified. Conversely, with the analytical results obtained, combustion experiments of nozzleless rocket motors could determine the combustion response function. And supply the infornation of the propellant burning properties, such as an activation energy of surface deoomposition, etc. It should be noted that, in a case that a burning rate characteristic in the motor deviates from the steady - state one, predicting combustion properties would produces some errors.

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