Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.3 (2001)

Research paper

The effect of oxide film of magnalium on the pyrotechnic sound producing system(*in Japanese)
Michio Koga, Koki Ishikawa, Toshiaki Tsuru, and Shun-ichi Yoshinaga


Thermal analysis of magnalium of a no treated and heat - treated magnalium was done in order to examine influence of the oxide film which gave it on a sound producing system of the mixtures of metallic oxide with magnalium.
In particular surface of heat - treated magnalium and sectional condition were observed with SEM, EPMA, ESCA.
As for the sound producing system made with mixture of magnalium after heat treatment and metallic oxide, comparison with a sound producing system as before was done.
As a results surface of magnalium with room temperature is covered with oxide film. Oxidation of magnelium of magnalium surface proceeds to the inside when heated by 200 degrees or 300 degrees for two hours. In addition, the magnalium heat - treated by 300 degrees for two hours was effective for explosion sound the best. As for the sound producing system made with manganese dioxide and magnalium, sound pressure leyel increased in 95 dB from 87 dB by heat treatment. As for the sound producing system made with red lead and magnalium, sound pressure level increased in 105 dB from 93 dB by heat treatment.

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