Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.2 (2001)

Research paper

Development and safety evaluation of high perfomance colored smoke(*in Japanese)
Akio Shibata, Atsumi Miyake, and Terushige Ogawa


In order to develop a high performance colored smoke compositions, an evaluation method with several kinds of test due to the required specification in each phase was carried out. Thirteen kinds of test samples were tentatively manufactured and selected four samples were examined as to thermal andysis, impact and friction sensitivity test, combustion test, falling impact test and moistures stability test.
As a result, red smoke sample which consisted of potassium chlorate / carbohydrate / red dyes with a diameter of 4 mm and a length of 7 mm showed the highest performance and visibility and it was considered as the most suitatable for the practical smoke.

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