Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.2 (2001)

Research paper

The combustion characteristics of BAMO-THF/AN propellants(*in Japanese)
Katsuhiko Sugimori, Masatake Shimoda, Toshio Yamaya, Keiichi Hori,
and Takeo Saito


To understand the combustion characteristics of BAMO - THF / AN propellants, theoretical calculation of specific impulse, differential thermal analysis and experimental measurements of liner burning rate and time - temperature history were conducted. As s result, specific impulse, liner burning rate and pressure exponents of BAMO - THF / AN propellants were about the same as those of GAP / AN ones. When DEP were used in BAMO - THF / AN propellants as a plasticizer, the ignition and burning were interrupted occasionally. On the other hand, when BDNPA - F of nitro - plasticizer were used, these chracteristics were improved. It is suggested that the combustion characteristics of BAMO - THF / AN propellants were controlled by the heat generated on the burning surface.

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