Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.2 (2001)

Research paper

Thermal behavior of various metal complex nitrates (III)
- Cu complex of aminoguanidine -
Miyako Akiyoshi, Hidetsugu Nakamura, and Yasutake Hara


As a new gas generant, the Cu complex nitrates of aminoguanidine (Cu (NHCNNH2)2(NO3)2: here after, CuAG) was synthesized, and the thermal behavior was investigated.
During the isothermal decomposition reaction at 101 to 125 ℃, the CuAG complex formed a stable intermediate. An autocatalysis equation can describe the reaction up to the formation of the intermediate, and the aminoguanidine of the ligand seemed to gradually decompose while maintaining the complex nitrate form. The activation energy of the reaction was 51 kJ / mol. Above 125 ℃. the CuAG decomposes so rapidly that ignition occurs.
The burning rate and burning temperature at the stoichiometric composition with Sr(NO3)2 was 6.48 mm / s and 1343 ℃, respectively. Concerning the gas evolution during the combustion, the N2 and CO2 gases account for 98.8 % of all the evolved gases, while the evolution of HCN gas was ouly 6.67 ✕ 10-4 mol / mol. The evolution of CO gas was very low even during the ignition of the complex in spite of the negative oxygen balance (-0.237 g / g).

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