Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.2 (2001)

Research paper

Detonation behavior of emulsion explosives(IV)
The effects of void size and quantity on the detonation pressure(*in Japanese)
Yoshikazu Hirosaki, Kenji Murata, Yukio Kato, and Shigeru Itoh


Detonation pressures were measured with a PVDF film sensor for the emulsion explosives sensitized with resin balloons of five different sizes ranging from 0.05 mm to 2.42 mm in average diameter. The effects of the size and quantity of voids in the emulsion explosive were evaluated to lead the following results. The bigger the void size is, or the smaller the voidage is, the bigger the discrepancy between the pressures observed and theoretically calculated. Th specific heat ratio γcj of the detonation product was about three for the emulsion explosive of voidage 0.25 and was independent of the void size.

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