Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.1 (2001)


Electric resistance of pyrotechnic raw material (I)(*in Japanese)
Eishi Kuroda, Hiroshi Narasaki, and Toshiyuki Nagaishi


The electric resistances of oxidizer and reducing agent powders, especialy metal powders used for pyrotechnic raw materials were measured with the direct current method. One metal powder with the electric resistance below 100 Ω showed the electric resistance above 109Ω, though most of metals had low electric resistance below lOO Ω. It was also observed that some metal powders had only high resistance above 109Ω. Such large change of the electric resistance may be attributed to the thickness of oxide films formed on metal powder surfaces. It was suggested that if the films were thin, the electric resistance of metal powders were determined by the contact resistance among metal particles, and if they were thick, the electric resistance of metal powders were detemined by the electric resistance of their oxide film. Most of oxidizers had electric resistance ranged from 106 to 109Ω. But some oxidizers showed the electric resistance above 109Ω and others did below 106Ω. It was deduced that the electric resistance for oxidizers were determined by their own resistance.

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