Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.1 (2001)

Research paper

Mechanism for thermal decomposition of 1H-tetrazole
Shuhei Kawaguchi, Mieko Kumasaki, Yuji Wada, Mitsuru Arai,
and Masamitsu Tamura


Thermal decomposition of 1H - tetrazole has been carried out at various heating rates and various end point temperatures. A pyroprobe was used as a heating device and the decomposition products have been analyzed by FT - IR.
As a result, the two different mechmisms for the thermal decomposition of 1H - tetrazole are proposed depending on the decomposition temperature. At the lower decomposition temperature, 1H - tetrazole can be thought to induce only the cleavage of C5 - N1 and N3 - N4 bonds, because HCN and HN3 are detected as decmposition prducts. On the other hand, at the higher decomposition temperature, various decomposition reactions may occur simultaneously to form such products as HCN,
NH3, CH4 - and C2H2.

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