Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.62, No.1 (2001)

Research paper

The reactivity of manganese-lead chromate-barium chromate delay composition
Hidetsugu Nakamura, Hideyuki Yamamoto, Miyako Akiyoshi,
and Yasutake Hara


The thermal analyses, the analyses of combustion residue, and the combustion chracteristics measurements such as burnig rate or combustion temperature were carried out to clarify the thermal and combustion reaction mechanisms of the manganese - lead chromate - barium chromate delay oomposition. The following results were obtained.
 The main reaction of the manganese - lead chromate - barium chromate delay composition was the oxidation of manganese by lead chromate. Barium chromate acted as a burning rate modifer, i.e. the larger its content, the less its burning rate. The thermal analyses of manganese - lead chromate binary mixture and manganese - lead chromate - barium chromate ternary mixture showed a broad exothermic peak over 200 to 750 ℃ in atmspheric condition, but under reduced pressure, it showed an intense exothermic reaction. The heat of combustion of the delay composition had a maximum value at the composition of manganese / lead chromate = 30 / 70 by weight without barium chromate, but the compositions which contained a larger percentage of manganese than this showed a larger linear burming rate. The pressure index of combustion is small, indicating that a solid state reaction played an important role in the combustion.

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