Vol.24 (2014)

Vol.24, No.1 (2014)
Vol.24, No.2 (2014)
Vol.24, No.3 (2014)

Vol.24, No.1 (2014)

Hayabusa Kanji Nakatsuka 1
Awards of the Society 2
The Next Rechargeable Battery could be developed by knowing how the Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery came about Toru Nagaura 6
Influence of water on the reactivity of explosives
Shuji Hatanaka, Miyako Akiyoshi,Youichi Sano, Hidetsugu Nakamura 12
Memories of water based explosives development and some accidents Atsuo Inoue 18
Who is Mr.Z? (2) Rei Marimura 21
Report of 44th International Annual Conference of Fraunhofer ICT Mikio Kato, Daisuke Hashira 22
The 7 th International Coference on Explosive and Blasting Shiro Kubota 25
Epsilon rocket Good design award Hiroto Habu 28
Asia Pacific Symposium on Safety (APSS) 2013 Nao Jimmei 30
Our team
Sano Lab., Advanced Instruments Center, Kyushu Sangyo University Youichi Sano 32
Inspection tour report
Kayaku Japan Co., Ltd Ikumi Matsui 36
Author : Naohide Shinohara "Introduction to Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials" Shingo Date 38
W.G.reports 39
Biannual meeting reviews 42
News 50
Statistics 52
Personal column 54


Vol.24, No.2 (2014)

What I thought about Cambodia while being there : International cooperation and national interest Hidetsugu Nakamura 57
Nouveau Critical Care Medical Devices - Challenges of ZOLL Medical Seiji Sakano 58
Thinking on 'MATAGI' : Honorable Bear Hunters in Japan Nobuyuki Masuda 61
My relationship with explosives Kenjiro Ikeda 68
Who is Mr.X?(3) Rei Marimura 71
IPASS(International Pyrotechnic Automotive Safety Symposium)2013 Daizo Fukuma 72
Tenth International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention, and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions(X ISHPMIE) Tei Saburi 74
Our team
Hazardous Material Laboratory, Research and Development Division, National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster Yusaku Iwata 78
Inspection tour report
Observation report of land mine/UXO clearance in Cambodia Kana Nishino 80
Book review
Author : Shoji Nakahara, Kazuo Hasue, Makoto Kohga, Shingo Date "Introduction to Explosives Engineering" Shingo Date 86
Japan Explosives Industry Association,
"Interpretation of Explosives Control Law Revision"
Takashi Usui 87
W.G.reports 88
Expert of members 91
Biannual meeting reviews 94
News 106
Statistics 114
Personal column 115


Vol.24, No.3 (2014)

As a new Editor-Chief of the Japan Explosives Society Keiichi Hori 121
Research Paper
On the effects required for explosion mitigation by EPS materials in a covered earth of subsurface structure
Hiroyoshi Ichino, Tomonori Ohno, Ken-ichi Higashihara, Nozomu Haraguchi, and Hideto Okido 122
Research trend for numerical modelling of shock initiation process
-From the International Detonation Symposium-
Shiro Kubota 129
My fifty-five years of surprising, exciting and moving company life Iwao Yamashita 134
Who is Mr.?(4) Rei Marimura 139
10th International Symposium on Special Topics in Chemical Propulsion (10-ISICP) Toshiyuki Katsumi 140
40th International Pyrotechnics Seminar Shingo Date 144
1st New Energetics Workshop Yu-ichiro Izato 151
The 11th European Symposium on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ESTAC11) Hiroki Matsunaga 155
Our team
Investigating the cause of accidents with scientific techniques Tomoko Hitomi 159
Inspection tour report
Sunagawa plant, Kayaku Japan Co.,Ltd. Toshio Matsuzawa 162
Book review
Author : Takehiro Matsunaga "Introduction to Explosives" Shingo Date 164
W.G.reports 165
News 169
Statistics 170
Personal column 171
Volume 24th Contentes i


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