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9:45`10:00    {}AAA؍\A

10:00`10:20   Research on a New Style of Powdered Emulsion Explosive and its Production ProcessF Li Guozhong  Kang Tingzhang  Zhang xiaozhi  Ma Ping Wang Yinjun  Wang Xuguang(China)

          10:20 ~ 10:40     Application of Bulk Emulsion Explosives at Limestone Mine in Korea

FHyung-Dong Min, Min-Su Jeong, Yun-Seok Park(Korea)

            10:40`11:00    Developments and Field Tests of Granular Emulsion Explosives

FTakuya Taguchi, Shigeyuki Sasaki, Toshio Matsuzawa (Japan)           

11:00`11:20    Technology of Pile Demolition & Dismantlement under Complex Environment, Xie Xianqi (China)

11:20`11:40    Study of heat resistant commercial explosivesFKenji Tanaka, Shinya Tanaka, Tetsuya Sawada, Fumihiko Sumiya, Yutaka Kato (Japan)

            11:40`14:00               H

14:00`14:20   Research on Key Technology of Blasting Control in Large-Section Underground CavernFYin Junhong (China)

14:20`14:40   The using of concentrated energy explosive in presplit blastingFQin Jianfei(China)

            14:40`15:00   Application case of explosive demolition for the wall-slab building

FChul-Gi Suk, Woo-Jin Jung, Hyoung-Ki Park, Nae-Hoi Kim (Korea)

15:00`15:20   Research for a new method to reduce blast vibration with an electronic delay detonator "EDD"F Hidehiro Noda (Japan)

            15:20`15:40   Suggestion of low-emission blasting techniqueFFumihiko Sumiya (Japan)

            15:40`16:10               xe

16:10`16:30   Simulation of the Collapse of a Reinforced Concrete Structure by Blasting DemolitionFHeekwang Lee, Seokwon Jeon (Korea)

            16:30`16:50   On the simulation of detonation and blasting in Japan

FKunihisa Katsuyama (Japan)