Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.6 (2010)

Research paper

Mechanical properties and burning characteristics of AP / HTPB composite propellant using polytetrahydrofuran as a plasticizer(*in Japanese)
Makoto Kohga


It was reported that the curing behavior, mechanical properties, and thermal decomposition behavior of HTPB binder was improved by a small amount addition of polytetrahydrofuran (PTHF) to HTPB. In this study, the curing behavior, mechanical properties and burning characteristics of the AP / HTPB composite propellant using PTHF as a plasticizer. PTHF had a little effect on the hardness of the propellant. The tensile properties were changed by the addition of PTHF and these properties of propellants added with PTHF were not influenced by the AP content and the molecular weight of PTHF. The specific impulse and adiabatic flame temperature are theoretically increased by the use of PTHF as a plasticizer. On the other hand, the thermal decomposition behavior and the burning rates of the AP / HTPB propellant were not improved by the small amount addition of PTHF.


polytetrahydrofuran, plasticizer, hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene, composite propellant.

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