Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.6 (2010)

Research paper

Explosive demolition of a cylindrical shell structure constructed in the slip form method
Hoon Park and Chul-Gi Suk


Recently, the number of cement silos that must be demolished due to unsatisfactory functional conditions has increased. A cylindrical shell structure that is constructed in the slip form method, a cement silo is composed of an internal structure that consists of a cone and ring girder and an external structure that consists of a cylindrical shell. As these two structures are two separate structures and have reciprocal effects on collapsing movements, it is not easy to apply explosive demolition. The design and execution of a method used to demolish a 10,000 ton level cylindrical cement silo by blasting were described in this study ; moreover, the effects of ground vibration and dust were examined.


explosive demolition, cylindrical shell structure, slip form method,slip form method, felling method, cement silo.

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