Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.4 (2010)

Research paper

Numerical modeling of shock initiation in PETN by unified EOS
Shiro Kubota, Tei Saburi, Yuji Ogata, and Kunihito Nagayama


The numerical simulations of shock initiation of PETN were conducted using unified-form equations of state for reactant and detonation products phases. In our proposed modeling, the partially reacted state of PETN for arbitrary initial density can be calculated using only one parameter set in the case of theoretical maximum density. The equation of state for detonation products, which employs Grüneisen Γ as a function of the specific volume, and the Grüneisen equation of state with porous Hugoniot model as reference line for the reactant were used. The published shock initiation data were used to obtain the parameter for the initiation model. Finally we found the relationship between one parameter for the initiation model and the initial density.


unified EOS, grüneisen EOS, porous hugoniot model, shock initiation, PETN.

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