Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.3 (2010)

Research paper

New lift powder for fireworks
Hisaaki Fukui, Toshiyuki Nagaishi, Youichi Sano, Shinya Sonoda, Shuji Hatanaka, and Toshihiro Mizuno


New lift powder which is composed of poly (oxymethylene), calcium peroxide and aluminum powder was studied. It was suggested that the performance of the lift powder was attributed to the high pressure product gases evolved from the rapid thermal decomposition of poly (oxymethylene) activated by the thermite reaction between calcium peroxide and aluminum. The lifting test of an aerial shell (dia.=83mm and weight=20g) was carried out using the mixture of poly (oxymethylene), calcium peroxide and aluminum loaded at the bottom of a fireworks mortar . The initial velocity of the shell was 96 to 107 ms-1and the pressure in the mortar was 52 to 82 kPa, which showed the same potential as black powder with the initial velocity of 124 ms-1 and 62kPa under the same conditions.


fireworks, lift powder, calcium peroxide, poly (oxymethylene), aluminum.

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