Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.2 (2010)

Research paper

Numerical simulations of detonation phenomena in PETN by systematic equation of state for detonation products
Shiro Kubota, Tei Saburi, Yuji Ogata, and Kunihito Nagayama


The general equation of state (EOS) for detonation products of PETN has been constructed using the Gruneisen coefficient as function of density and the isentrope line for the theoretical maximum density of PETN. Although JWL equation of state require each parameter set for initial density, the constructed EOS with one parameter set can be applied for arbitrary initial density. The EOS has been examined by performing numerical simulations of the propagation process of a detonation wave for various initial densities of PETN. The simulations results were in agreement with the wide range of published experimental data for various initial densities. The sensitivities of the numerical results to the Gruneisen coefficient were also investigated. The constructed EOS is expected to a powerful tool, for numerical modeling of the initiation process in PETN-type energetic materials.


EOS, DETN, gruneisen coefficient, JWL.

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