Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.71, No.2 (2010)

Research paper

A study on ammonium nitrate-metal nitrate double salts as oxidizers for gas generating agent
Yusuke Wada and Mitsuru Arai


Aiming to take ammonium nitrate (AN) into conventional use as new oxidizer agent for gas generating agents on automobile airbag system, the combustion and thermal decomposition characteristics of gas generating agents consist of 5- amino-1-H-tetrazole (HAT), and AN were investigated. It was suggested that combustion performance of HAT/AN gas generating agent was improved by preparing AN into double salt with copper nitrate, or calcium nitrate. Combustion characteristics of gas generating agents consist of HAT, AN, and basic copper nitrate (BCN) was also investigated, and it was indicated that the addition of BCN to HAT/AN gas generating agents is effective to enhance their combustion characteristics.


Ammonium nitrate, combustion, thermal analysis.

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