Address from President
-Prof. Atsumi Miyake,
Chairman of the Japan Explosives Society.

ChairmanIt is a great honor to be reappointed as the 41st President of the Japan Explosives Society (JES), in succession from the previous term. It is my understanding that the society has developed thanks to the hard work and achievements of the past presidents and predecessors, therefore I would strive together with Vice Presidents, Messrs. Nobutoshi Nakano and Keiichi Hori, the board of directors and the secretariat, for the further development of the society, so I would like to ask you all once again for the support and co-operation.

During the previous term, there was some temporary confusion in the transactions due to the passing of the former secretary Ms. Shibuya at the end of 2016, but I would like to thank the dedicated support by the former secretariat Dr. Hashizume, the present secretariat Dr. Kurokawa, the board of directors, the committees, the special committees, and the members of the society, that enabled the smooth transfer to a new system, and I would like to ask you all once again for the support and co-operation.

It is my understanding that the missions of the society are to deepen the science of explosives and dispatch academic achievements, develop human resources and enhance technical transfer, strive for further development of the society members, the academia and the industry through activation and diversification of the society through cooperation between the industry, academia and governmental sectors, together with international collaboration, therefore contribute to the safe and healthy development of the society and the public. From these viewpoints, I would like to express the following overviews for this term.

Deepening of the science of explosives and dispatching academic achievements will be achieved by enriching the contents of the academic journal and the annual meetings. We have witnessed a great increase in the number of contributions from overseas, and it is our understanding that we have received a fair assessment as an academic journal related to explosives and energetic materials, but there is some concern over the lowering of Impact Factor (IF) which is one of the yardsticks of the quality of academic journals, so it is one of this term's tasks of the editorial board to improve the quality of the journal. There was also a major move during the previous term, i.e. the outsourcing of the editing business of the journal. Until now, the secretariat and the editorial board members has been asked a great deal of work, but we now have commissioned the tasks to Editorial Office Narnia Limited that has a great experience in the editing business of academic journals as well as other academic businesses., and thanks to their hard work, the burden of editing has been streamlined and the journals has become much easier to read, so we would like to ask for your opinions and impressions of the journal by all means.

As for the academic awards honoring those who contributed to the academia and the industry through their outstanding achievements, we will select Academic Awards, Paper Awards, Technical Awards and Young Scientist Awards as usual, but we will award Paper Awards from now on to research groups that presented valuable papers instead of the first author, in order to encourage the improvement of research capabilities as a group. Also, we are considering towards awarding Technical Awards to technologies that contribute to explosives industries such as intellectual properties, e.g. patents and utility models, and presentations of unique technological developments, as well as papers that brought impact to the field of explosives; and we are considering enriching technical columns in our academic journal EXPLOSION.As for the young scientist awards that have brought in so many candidates, we are looking forward to receiving excellent papers from young scientists and engineers. Through these awards, we intend to cultivate human resources and encourage technological transfer.

Regarding collaboration among the industry, the academia, and the governmental organizations, we hope to promote and revitalize it through, as well as reviewing of the above-mentioned Technical Prize, providing platforms for the exchange of ideas for new technological developments and application developments as academic societies, and also promoting interdisciplinary exchanges of information among various specialized groups and subcommittees.

As for international exchanges, we hope to promote collaboration through international symposiums, i.e. ISEM, Japan-China-Korea Blasting Conference, as well as various international conferences and domestic meeting that are co-sponsored and sponsored through each specialized group of the society, and promoting mutual activities with other academic societies etc. It is my understanding that ISEM 2017 that was held in Sendai under the leadership of Prof. Hori has drawn the largest ever participants in our history; and it is expected to develop even further for the years to come, so we are kicking off preparatory activities aiming for the next ISEM in 2020.

Established originally as the Japan Explosives Association in 1939, this society will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2019. In addition, the Tokyo Olympics and the Paralympic Games are scheduled to be held in 2020. We would keep on working for the organizing the society so that this globally unique academic society can further develop and contribute to our society, and as a group of specialists with a cutting edge in the future, make everyone happy. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation. Thank you very much. (June, 2018)

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